Central American Thriller


About Constable Outreach 35

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The author and publisher agreed to post chapters weekly. You are able to read samples before buying the trade paperback. Author and publisher have some intriguing new products spawning from the original writing. This book of "historical fiction" is set in Central America during one period of the Contra Revolution in 1985. Read it at Thinkwerk.com

Author Skillset


"I possess a sharp eye for detail, which I use to find the smallest connections between characters as they interact on the page." The author is working to connect significant events. His book develops  the story with strong interpersonal relationships. And, it provides insight for the reader to draw their own conclusions from interest in the subject. Inviting a relationship with his reader.  Contact him at www.thinkwerk.com

Book Cover


The cover hopes to draw interest from military and aviation professionals who immediately recognize the aircraft. I want to develop recall of this period. It aligns with current events U.S. and Central America are facing today. Belief that prior events set motion to experience today. The book was created from author knowledge and participation in support activities of the period.  Read writing samples and book chapters on Blog  Page  at www.thinkwerk.com