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Central American Thriller

Central American ThrillerCentral American ThrillerCentral American Thriller

About Constable Outreach 35 & Jay Cadmus, Author

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The author and publisher agreed to post chapters on the author's website. You are able to read samples on the Blog Section of  https://www.jaycadmus.com  before buying the trade paperback - or eBook. Author and publisher have some intriguing new products spawning from the original writing. This book of "historical fiction" is set in Central America during one period of the Contra Revolution in 1985. Read-a-Chapter - Hit the blue button below.

Jay Cadmus



Jay Cadmus is the author of novels “Anger’s Journey” and “Constable Outreach 35.” He has been a trucker, a teacher, a serviceman, and a salesman.

He is a decorated Combat Airborne Infantry Vietnam veteran, and a veteran Desert Storm Flight Engineer with Air Medal for combat sorties. He has worked as a C-141 Loadmaster in the U.S. Air Force and for three different commercial airlines. He has instructed flight engineers in the Air Force Reserve, in classroom and on aircraft. He has conducted classroom and live fire training in a Combat Arms Unit. He has hauled household goods and taught moving techniques for a major moving company. He has sold real estate and new cars and has written for community newspapers. That diverse experience fuels his singular voice.

“I hope that by writing stories based on history and modified incidents, the reader stops in the middle of reading to ponder. Thinking of what they would have done.

“Learning from my own writing experience, I know the story is given to me to tell. As is true in life, a writer gains more from his mistakes. From that, I know that I can start anew tomorrow. That is, until my tomorrows don’t come anymore.”

Written by Steve Miller, News Writer, New York State

Contact Jay Cadmus: jay@jaycadmus.com  

Book Construction


The cover hopes to draw interest from military and aviation professionals who immediately recognize the aircraft. I want to develop recall of this period. It aligns with current events U.S. and Central America are facing today. Belief that prior events set motion to experience today. The book was created from author knowledge and participation in support activities of the period.  

The book is Print-on-Demand (POD) from BookBaby.com and is available for purchase through their book store by clicking on -https://store.bookbaby.com/websearch/index.aspx?searchterms=Constable+Outreach+35 or, typing in Jay Cadmus from their Store Search Page.

This is a First Edition Printing and has a designated number of copies that will be provided. (Those figures are monitored by Thebes Media people. Once that number has been reached, a newer edition will be printed.)

The first thing most will notice about the construction is that there are no chapter numbers. The author wanted to layout the book in a thirty-day period. Each chapter covering one day and starting with a primary scene. Some scene run the whole chapter in length.

There is one missing chapter. (Thebes Media and the author have decided to offer it by email request; and,  a bonus for buying either the eBook or printed trade edition. Read writing samples and book chapters on Read-a-Chapter Page - RIGHT HERE!  

Read-a-Chapter - https://www.jaycadmus.com/blog

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